Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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What is Banners Broker and how it works. Packs Panels Traffic Referrals Authorizations

As usual don't forget to read the previous posts to know what we are talking about!

Now, back to plan! TRAFFIC

IF you have a website or a blog you are familiar with this word! It is all about traffic...

Well, the same happens in Banner Broker, because you need traffic to make your panels roll...

You can get traffic from 3 different ways:

1 - By referrals
2 - Sending traffic to banners broker sites
3 - Buying traffic

So how on earth does all that works, very simple my friends!

First here is the traffic you need for each panel on banners broker:

YELLOW..................... 5'000 traffic hits
PURPLE..................... 15'000 traffic hits
BLUE.......................... 45'000 traffic hits
GREEN..................... 135'000 traffic hits
RED.......................... 405'000 traffic hits
BLACK...................1'250'000 traffic hits

1 - Sponsoring
When you sponsor someone to Banners Broker you will get some sales credits, when they activate their panels. In English this basically mean that for each panel an affiliate that you personally sponsored activate you receive 50% to be used in that color panel.
This means if someone you sponsor activates a yellow panel you will receive 2'500 traffic units to use in a yellow panel

2 - Sending traffic to banners broker sites
If you send traffic to Banners Broker site / publisher internet websites through independent promotional efforts, you will receive traffic hits back. This feature is still in testing mode.

3 - Buying traffic
When you by a traffic pack you will have to bare in mind you are signing up for a monthly commitment! This means that you will have to pay for it every month, if you cancel you will not allowed to buy anymore traffic packs for 6 months!
1 Traffic pack unit includes 50'000 traffic hits, if you use it to active your banners then you will have other 50k bonus which means a traffic pack gives you a total of 100'000 traffic hits.
However if you decide to use that traffic to promote your business (external sites) you will not get the bonus.
A traffic pack cost 50$.
Other important note is that if you buy 2 traffic packs in one month you will automatically be upgrade to premium affiliate which as monthly fee of 100$ (standard members pay 15$)

I think this is all about traffic. Do see Banners Broker official video below, which combined with the above explanations should leave all clear for you. However if you have any question feel free to contact me or post a comment.

Speak soon

Viedo below:


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