Friday, September 7, 2012

Banners Broker packs


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And welcome to part 2 of my review, Banners broker packs.

If you did not read my previous post, then you have a look first.

So what are the packs of Banners Broker. I will keep this simple and easy to follow.

First, packs are compulsory, or better is compulory because you need to buy one to start

ALSO very important to know is you can only have 1 pack active in your account... After you buy it, what ever you choose to buy, the company gives you up to 25 days to upgrade, after this time no alterations are accepted. If you buy another one you can not use it.

The pack is only a group of panels. Each color pack includes all the lower colors .

For example, the yellow pack, has 1 yellow panel, however the purple pack has 1 yellow panel + 1 purple panel. The blue will have 1 yellow + 1 purple + 1 blue and so on...

All the packages from banners broker

So what have the packs of special. They can double your money!!! I bet I got your attention now! :)

The company allows the panels in the pack to do 2 cycle without the need of you getting traffic for it. They complimentary to help you start. That means that each panel on the pack will double and you get the money back, lets use the yellow as example, and assume each cycle takes 25 days (remember the times change):

You have 1 yellow panel ------ 25 days later ---> you have 2 yellow panels
Now You have 2 yellow panel ------ 25 days later ---> you have 2 yellow panels + 20$ in your account (or 4 yellow panels)

Therefore most people always go for the higher pack they can purchase, because of this complimentary offer.

Using the professional pack as an example without doing anything else here is what you could make:

You have 1 yellow + 1 purple + 1 blue + 1 green panels ------ 8 months later ---> you have 2 yellow yellow + 2 purple + 2 blue + 2 green panels  and 20 + 60 +180 + 540 = 800$

In all of this time you have spent 415 + (15*8)  = 535$

This gives a profit of 265$ without doing nothing!

Note: the (15*8) is the 15$ monthly fee times the number of months.

AND you still have all those panels you can activate just buy acquiring traffic (using any of the 3 methods for that, buying it, via referrals, via sending organic traffic to the partner websites)

I hope it is now clear what are packs and how much you can profit from them.

Please post any question and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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