Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Are Keywords

What Are Keywords?

Once you’ve decided to make money online, ie, start your own online business, you’ll first want to get a firm grasp on how your potential customers use the Internet.  In particular, you’ll need to learn what exactly they use the Internet for.

It would certainly be great for you to make money if every person who logged on was doing so because they had their credit cards in hand, and were looking to buy precisely the kinds of products and services you offer services.  But of course this isn’t the case.

Make money onlineRather, most people use the Internet to get information.  That search for information often takes the form of trying to answer questions that these individuals have been unable to find answers for elsewhere.

So how do people tend to go about finding answers to their questions?  As you might guess, these days most Internet users tend to rely upon search engines like Google, Bing (Microsoft’s new search engine) and Yahoo.

While most Internet users will have heard of (and probably used) at least one of these three search engines, there are also hundreds of other search engines available.  However, those other search engines generate far less traffic than the big three (Google alone garners over 2/3 of the Internet search traffic), so we’ll focus our attention on the big ones.

As you probably know, a person uses a search engine like Google by typing a word or phrase into the search box.  This specific word or phrase is the key to your business success, because the word or phrase indicates exactly what that person is looking for.

Let’s say, for example, that the individual is interested in making money online.  If they type the phrase “make money online” into Google, the search results page will provide two things, paid and organic search results.  Go ahead and Google “make money online.”

Notice the yellow box at the top of the page, and the narrow column that runs down the right side of the page.  These are paid search results – companies have paid Google to have their text (and links to their company websites) displayed whenever someone searches on the term “making money online”.  Not surprisingly, you can see that these companies appear to be selling making money online products or services or books, etc.

The majority of the page displays the so-called “organic” or search results.  This means that the Google search engine determined these web pages to be most naturally (or “organically”) related to the phrase “make money online”.  The phrase “make money online” is what we refer to as a “keyword term”.  You can see the importance of the keyword term by the fact that the phrase “make money online” is highlighted throughout both the organic search results and the paid search results.

In order to maximize your business opportunities, you’ll need to research and identify the terms and phrases that potential customers will use when they look for the kinds of products and services you’re selling.

After identifying those keywords, you could certainly launch a paid advertising campaign like the ones in the screenshot above.  This would be an easy way of driving lots of relevant traffic to your website, right?  Unfortunately, because of the level of competition for the attention of prospective customers, it’s very easy for beginning advertisers (and even some advertisers with more experience) to end up spending a lot of money but have very little to show for it.

New web business owners will probably want to wait to do paid advertising until they are more firmly established, and instead focus on getting the best organic search results placement for their website.  You can do this by using keyword research skills and optimizing your website accordingly.

That is it for today.

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