Monday, October 29, 2012

GDI team Elite

GDI team elite - Guarantees free referrals!

GDI team elite - Guarantees free referrals
GDI is the best program for start making money online. Is the best because of its simplicity!

What does GDI give ?
GDI gives your own domain name and website (.ws). If you are elcalvito you can have  your site in 10 min. It comes with a 7 day free trial.

See below how gdi elite can make you very rich (if you work for it, of course - not a lot of work relax, about 30 min per day will be enough ;) !)

To make really simple they have a website builder so no need to know anything about html or other have skills to have it running in minutes! And off course you will also have your own email, etc just like any other provider gives you, using our example above, you can, or

The other great features, opportunity wise, is that they pay you commission on 5 levels deep AND the same amount on all the 5 levels!..

GDI costs 10$/month. To be honest when I first bought it was only to have the site and the email, because is so cheap! I then realize the money making opportunity, with gdi elite, is amazing! See a GDI presentation video

They share 50% of sales with the affiliates, so you will get 1$ per referral, and 1$ for the referral of your referral, and so on, 5 levels deep... 
So, If everyone refers 3 persons you will have a residual income of 363$/month...
Now if we do the same calculation but assuming everyone refers 5 persons you will get a total of 3900$/month!

GDI team elite - Guarantees free referrals

GDI elite will not stop until you get 6 paid referrals! 
6 paid referrals! My friends, that is HUGE
Now if we do maths for 6 referrals like we did above, this means you will have a monthly income of 9330$ per month! Month after month!

With GDI elite team you are a part of a team, so all people advertise 1 link and referrals are coming in, and you will keep receiving referrals until you have 6 paid referrals in your downline. Plus, you will receive everymonth 100'000 fresh leads that you can email.

Assuming all you 6 do the same you do, and then the other 6 and so on you will get the monthly amount of 9330$ per month paid into your paypal  account.

Lets be caucious and assume some affiliates just give up, lets remove 45% of them, that still leaves you over 5000$ per month! What would you do with extra 5000$/month ?

NOTE: You can cancel GDI at anytime, no question asked. About GDI team elite, it is FREE so no need to cancel anyway!...

If you are a GDI member you can still join GDI elite.

Here is the passport (link) for 9330$

Remember, it is always better to work in a team then by your own!

You can also join with my official link, just see this short video!

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