Saturday, September 8, 2012

Squishy Cash - Make money by doing online tasks

Hello world!

Today I want to talk you about a PPA (Pay per action) program.

If you click on the tab  above named PPA - Pay per action you will see several sites that will pay you for seeing ads, subscribing to trial offers, fill in online surveys, and even seeing youtube videos!

Squishy Cash site is very user friendly and yo can Sign up free. Earn cash instantly and get paid by check, PayPal, AlertPay,,, and! Complete 100% free offers and go shopping!

In about a week i got 20$ (which is the minimum ) required to cash out. I have requested payment to my paypal account so, as they promised I just got paid! They do charge a 10% fee if you want a daily payment  - which means you will get the money in 48h or free monthly payments. That means I would only be paid in the end of October!

Here is the proof of payment:

I removed my email and the transaction if for security reasons.

You will not get rich obviously with this type of sites, but they are a good way to fund you for other programs like ultimate power profits , banners broker , 10K challenge or Gdi...

I'm guessing if you visit this site daily you maybe get about 50$ a month! It also depends where you live because most offers are for USA residents!

You can join Squishy Cash using this link.

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