Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Banners Broker Panels & roll up


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Back again to cover banners broker.

Don't forget to see What is Banners Broker and how it works and Banners Broker packs posts before reading this one to fully understand it all. 

You can always post a question ;)

Today we will cover what a panel is. Here is a pic of the available ones:

Banners broker panels

Panels is how it all works! They will give you the money and give you impressions!

Each panel gives give you 2 times the cost. For example the yellow panel when finish its cycle will have gain 20$ (it costs 10$).

However you can only get to your account 50% of that! The other 50% are to "renew" the panel. and NO you can not get the full amount in cash and not renew the panel. 
Here is how it works.

There are 2 options when you put your panel running which are 50% or 100%.  

The 50% option will split the total amount the panel will earn (for the yellow example it will 20 $) That means you get paid 10$ (sent to your e-wallet) and a new panel (renew) is bought with the other 50%. 
So after the cycle you end up with 10$ in your account + 1 yellow panel.
The money is now yours, you can do whatever you want with it, send it to your bank account, buy more panels or traffic.. You decide.

The 100% option use the total amount (20$ in the yellow example) to buy new panels. So after the cycle you end up with 0$ BUT  2 panels. Now it all starts again and you will need to decide if you will put them at 100% or 50%...

Remember this is your business, so you decide depending on your goals.

Remember you can buy up to 5 panels of each color once you buy your pack. However for each higher color panel you buy, you receive 2 more authorizations for the color below.
For example if you buy 3 purple you now can buy 11 yellow (5 original + 6 "gained" because you bought the above color).

Also authorizations do not renew. After you use that is it. You either get more from buying panels of higher color or via referrals.

There is other option called roll up. Basically you can swap 3 panels of the lower color for 1 of the above color.
For example let say you have 5 purple and 5 yellow. So, after the cycle has finished you would roll up. So 3 purple --> 1 blue. Once you activate the blue you now get authorization to activate 2 purple, when you activate those 2 you would get authorization to activate 4 yellow and so on.

It is a lot more complicated on words then when you are doing it! see the video in the bottom of this post, if you have not seen it yet.

Each panel you acquire also gives you a certain number of impressions, as you can see in the picture above.

Using the yellow panel as example, this panel gives you 1'000 banners impression.  
So, what is that? and how you use it? Very simple...
Well banners broker is a advertising company, so it lets you run your own campaign to advertise what ever you want . All you need is to have is impressions and a banner.

You can have up to 3 campaigns at the same time.

A impression is when your banner is displayed in the partner site. Lets say you create your campaign to promote your website. You submit your banner, for example:


From here banners broker would place it in the the sites which they have agreements, let say this blog was part of it   (***) so your banner would appear here in my blog. Every time the banner is showed to any visitor of elcalvito.blogspot.com it would count one impression. 
Note  - no need to have clicks, as long as it is displayed it counts 1 impression. 
Your banner will be showing up as long as you have impressions.

This means you can make money from the panels, AND promote your business!
But what happens if you do not have a website ?

Well you can promote an affiliate site, you can promote your banners broker site, you can promote a product or a cafe or restaurant of a friend or you can not use this feature. There are several alternatives...

(***) If you have a site or a blog with more a less 30'000 visits per month you can submit that site to banners broker in order to receive their advertising, and of course once your site is approved you will get paid for it.

I believes this is all about the panels. Soon I will be back to explain you about traffic.

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Speak Soon,


Rui Silva
PS: Below the how it works video.


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