Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zeek rewards return rumor "Inaccurate" ?

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Not only of good news I can make this blog.

The latest news on zeek rewards are not as good as before.

The mlmhelpdesk on it last post informs that "Tactics and Motivations of Zeek Victim Group are Questioned".

This means that it is now not clear if this group which is supported by many affiliates that hope to have if possible their business back, or in worst case the money back, might have an hidden agenda and just try to make some more money from the affiliates.

Troy Dooly says loud and clear zeek rewards is not coming back! Paul Burks admitted and accepted to pay the penalty.

That is actualy why in previous post it was already called zeek 2.0.

It is now said that what all people want are the zeek rewards database! We are talking about 2 Million affiliates world wide! This is a jackpot for whoever company that can get the hands on it! 2 Million of people who have spend money, that are thirsty of new opportunity that can bring them a an extra income.

This latest post come after an article from Jordan Maglich’s  (Jordan is the author of Ponzitracker, an internet blog that tracks the proliferation of ponzi schemes across The United States. The blog is updated daily, and was recently recognized by Lexis Nexis as one of the Top 25 Business Law blogs on the internet. It can be accessed at He is also a Forbes contributor, where he writes about white collar crimes) Where he raises his doubts about the intentions of this groups.

Below is Troy Dooly video and you can see the articles in the links above.

Sad news for us all that were involved in zeek, however it is my firm believe that this is very early days on the subject. I Think there will several twist in this case and it will take probably years to have a decision, in the meantime the people who did not profit form it (like myself) will just have to wait and hope.

Life does not stop, there are 2 programs that sound like can make you recover some of your loses (if you did have losses in zeek) and are having a huge growth. They are ultimate power profit and banners broker.

PS: Regarding UPP my advice is for you to join NOW while is free. You will then have time to decide how you want to participate if you want to participate. Hurry up launch is due this month and then NO MORE FREE affiliates are allowed.

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