Monday, September 24, 2012

Ultimate Power Profit breaks 1000 Alexa barrier

Hi guys

Today I'm writing a quick post about ultimate power profit.

As you can see in alexa site, the UPP site is now below the 1000 barrier in Alexa.

As today (24 Sept 202) the site is nº 847 most visited site of the world!

People this is amazing! A company in pre launch has a volume of traffic OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I think not even zeek rewards had this...

There are zilions of websites in the world.

Facts are facts and off course the fact people can JOIN FREE and the company guarantees at least 6 payments per month is a big help! Everyone want's money, specially with today's economy... The idea people can get 6 monthly payments (minimum) with little effort will be enough to attract many persons.

What amazes me if that the company, failed the first date for launch, so normally this would people think this is just another of those sites that will never go live and all they want is your email and telephone, however the popularity of the site is keep going on on...

For all who already registered, have access to the conference calls, and up to date news.

The news that have been sent out make people anxious for the launch! Some of the products are game changers!

The compensation plan is in fact new and promises to be highly profitable.

The company informs the launch date is very close (few days/weeks), however there is not yet a definite day.
However J. Michael Palka, Global One Companies' Marketing Director said recently"Ultimate Power Profits (UPP) will launch in September." Global One's lawyers have received confirmation that everything is in compliance...

Therefore the countdown has started!

So, there are less then 10 days for YOU to join for FREE. My best advice is for you to join now. Don't just ignore this because all of the false advertising we see every day. My ""job" is to alert you for the opportunity, your job is to decide..
There are currently over 200,000 affiliates in this opportunity... Don't regret latter!

UPDATE: See the article in yahoo news. In 1 day Global one went up 12 places in Alexa..Good...

Speak soon


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