Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zeek rewards ended - have your money back now!

Hi guys!

Zeek Rewards is closed! Read it all here

This is my new blog!

Not only my blog was closed by google and a couple of days later this drama!

It is my fault has apparently google does not like mlm blogs! Whatever...

I always defended Zeek, I still do, because no one on is wright mind can believe Paul Burks make this scheme for several reasons:

1 - If it was one he would have run away with several millions a ccouple of months ago.

2 - All top lawyers involved with zeek were giving a (false) sense of security.

3 - Both top expert Troy Dooly and businessforhome.org look at it and said it looks ok.

When the top players are on it you just believe.

Now, I never made any money on it, I actually lost some, enough for a nice holiday, but life is life! I heard some amazing life changing stories, form guys that were without a job and could pay the mortgage thanks to zeek, or the more touching one, told by troy, the lady that met him and ask him if he (Troy)  think her husband was a beautiful guy, Troy reply and said, yeah (what coul he say really!!) the lady then said that thanks to ZR she could finally make her eyes surgery and after many hears she could now she his face!

Bad management, scheme or other reason the point is the company is gone.

Who made money is happy anyway the other like me will try to have some money back.

I you to want your money back here is what you can do:

1 - IF you made your payment via an e-wallet less then 45 days (this is the time frame for payza and paypal - I assume the same for nxpay or solid trust pay) just file a dispute on the e-walett and ask for the money back.

2 - If to late for that, You can try to submit your data here has this lawyer firm is representing old affiliates in order to get the money back.

Troy latest video with the information above can be seen in the end of this page.

I hope this post can help in some way.

I will be back tomorow with the alternative most people are taking to replace zeek rewards.


Rui Silva


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