Monday, August 27, 2012

Plan B - Banners Broker

Hi folks,

Could Zeek Rewards collapse be the best thing ever happens to you ? Maybe...

Since the bad news regarding zeek rewards, myself, together with the rest of the team had to anticipate what was being prepared to be launched later...

We still do not know what is going to happen to zeek affiliates, several actions are being taken place, so we have to wait to see what will happen (there is still hope it can return!)

As I was saying this was going to be launched as a plan B for zeek rewards, however  due to what happened is now the plan A...

BANNERS BROKER  (do be patience as sometimes the site take time to load)

What does Banners Broker give you: 

  • Earn great revenues advertising your home internet businesses  or any business you would like
  • Excellent Training & Sponsors Provided.
  • Great money maker!
  • Explode traffic to any of your businesses.
  • Join for FREE !
I suggest you register free NOW and explore it.

I will soon have more information on it and also videos in 4 different languages.

Just post on the comments section any questions!

I've been hearing that most zeek affiliates will join this opportunity, so join now free and then decide, preventing of they close up sign up.. Why I say this ? Zeek rewards gave many examples one of them is that exponential growth is very complicated to handle, therefore I strongly believe that any company that will experience the same problem will limit the affiliates from time to time to organize itself.

Actually is a wise thing to do...

More news will come very soon.


Rui Silva


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